Tips for Starting a Food Business in Edmonton

If you are passionate about cooking, why not make use of it so you for a profit? The best advice that can be given here is for you to start your own food business that offers the food you love to your patrons who will then grow to love your food and will turn into loyal customers in no time. This is the best time to open a restaurant in Edmonton due to its growing market of foodies in search for new and different cuisine they can try.

Though setting up a food business in Edmonton is not that difficult, there are still procedures you need to follow.

Alberta Health Service

With firm decision to put up business in Edmonton, the Alberta Health Service should approve it. You need to submit the following before its construction or renovation:

  • Restaurant blueprint
  • Lighting plan
  • Menu copy with details of foods to prepare
  • Plumbing plan
  • Food equipment location
  • Ventilation system
  • Interior finishes for floors, walls, and ceilings

These requirements can be directly submitted to the Planning and Development Office of Edmonton City.


Note that the city is zoned into different areas, signifying that setting up business here should not be done anywhere you want it to be set-up. There are neighbourhoods and residences do not permit the construction of commercial establishment. Check with the zoning department in your area to identify which locations would suit your business.

Building Code

Make certain that your business suits into the location’s building code. The code is considered as a uniform code anyone should follow. The building code includes the structural design, heating, venting or air condition, safety measures, environmental separation, and plumbing services. Contact the Safety Codes Office from your municipality for more information and for answers to your queries.

Fire Code

Fire code serves as a minimum standard for safety, fire fighting, and fire prevention. It covers the regulation of activities causing a fire hazard, fire extinguishers, fire safety plan, and safety equipment. The Safety Code Officer need to inspect the structure before the opening of the restaurant. Any minor violation of the specified code will only delay the opening of your restaurant, while major violation will demolish your structure.

Food Handling Permit

Getting a food-handling permit from the Alberta Health Service is a requirement. You have to submit Food Handling Permit application 14 days before its opening. An Environmental Health Officer will conduct an on-site inspection before getting the permit. At least one of your employees should hold a food sanitation and hygiene certificate. This Food Handling Permit must be visible in public. Take a Class IV Food Handler Permit if planning to put a business.

Business Movement or Sale

A review of your account is important in determining the necessity of the business license category or a new development permit. You also need to contact the municipal government when you close or sell your business.

By complying all these, there is no reason for denial of your restaurant although it can be a long process. Read more articles about other business issues like buy or sale of the business at the website Business for Sale Edmonton.

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