Ways to Make Getting Your MBA Easier on Your Wallet

Getting your MBA is a great way to take your career to the next level and increase your money-making potential. But is it right for you?

Well to begin with you are here, reading this, which means if nothing else, the thought of getting one has crossed your mind. You are in the ballpark, so let’s show you around and show you what is what. Let’s talk about the high cost of learning. Everyone knows that college is expensive. If money is tight and you only have a few hours a day to work with, the online MBA is the clear choice to make, like the one at https://onlinemba.ku.edu/. Doing your degree this way is a great way to defray costs. No commuting back and forth to a campus. No campus to have to pay for. Taking campus pricing out alone will save you on average between an eight and ten thousand dollars, annually.

Getting Your MBA

Textbooks are a real hassle, they cost a ton of money, upwards of $1000 a year, and you only use them for one semester and give them back, and take a seriously large loss when you return them. There are ways to defray those costs, though. There are several websites (Book Renter is a good one, as is eCampus) that you can access by searching for used textbooks that will make it possible for you to not have to pay the exorbitant costs of these books. And when you are done, you can pass the goodness on by reselling the books to another student who needs it and doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

The Online MBA gets rid of some of the other onerous financial drags for the typical student, such as transportation, laundry, meals and the like. I’m not saying if you do the online MBA you wont need to do laundry or eat or anything crazy like that, but I am saying that those particular costs do not change due to working on your online degree.

The cost of the online MBA, while substantially less than standard in classroom coursework, is not inexpensive. In some schools it costs as much as $60,000 to get that degree. Kansas University costs somewhere around $10,000. That is an eighty-three percent drop in price from the higher priced schools, and you get an accredited KU degree while defraying significantly the costs of higher education. That is, plain and simple, incredible business acumen and judgement which is what you need to succeed, so clearly that MBA will treat you well.

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